Cuppone Tiepolo Ovens

LLK have been the sole importers of the Cuppone brand to the UK, Scotland and ROI since we started in 2006. We are very proud to be representatives of one of the most well established pizza equipment brands in the world. Our partnership has been built on respect for the values each company hold, the high quality we both offer and the desire to see our mutual customers achieve.

The Tiepolo pizza oven was brought into the Cuppone range in 2014, it fits perfectly between our entry level Tiziano and mid-range Donatello! This fantastic oven has the additional benefits of increased control with a max/min option to save energy during quiet times and give the oven a good old boost when belting out beautiful pizzas in peak times.

If you are looking for spares for your Tiepolo pizza oven click here

SPec sheet
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